Moacir dos Anjos comenta "O espírito da TV" (1990), de Vincent Carelli

O pesquisador Moacir dos Anjos fala sobre "O espírito da TV", dirigida por Vincent Carelli em 1990.

commented collection

Marcelo Tas | 9th Festival

“Reality does not exist,” in the words of Marcelo Tas. According to the artist, reality is always manipulated whenever one is working with television


Timothy Binkley | 9th Festival

A guest to the 9th edition, in 1992, Timothy Blinkley expounds his views on virtual reality. Built using computers, virtual reality is defined by abstraction in opposition to the concrete nature of objects


Wesley Duke Lee | 9th Festival

To Wesley Duke Lee, the artist must intervene if video is to become something more than just "a bunch of hardware that is good for nothing..."


Gianni Toti | 9th Festival

One of the people honored at the 1992 edition, Gianni Totti discusses the roles of artist and of art. To him, art is the chaotic beginning at which order and power are made to contradict each other


Eduardo Coutinho | 9th Festival

The filmmaker presents his perspectives on video and documentary in Brazil, discusses the notion of authorship, and television productions


Bill Viola | 9th Festival

“All technological breakthroughs affect my work,” explains Bill Viola. The notion of perception is central to the artist’s work, and the body is the key with which one connects with the world


Amaral Netto | 9th Festival

Amaral Netto discusses the independent news report produced for TV, and the notion of truth in the reporter’s work