Stephen Vitiello | 10th Festival

Stephen Vitiello explains the notion of poetry in his work, shown at the 10th edition of the Festival, in 1994, and discusses the poetical relationship between sound and image


Rob Rombout | 10th Festival

The Netherlands’ Rob Rombout expounds on his reasons for making documentaries. More than portraying facts, his intention is to put forth a poetic view of reality, to convert the ordinary into extraordinary


Jorge La Ferla | 10th Festival

The Argentinean curator Jorge la Ferla, who attended the 1994 edition, reviews the myriad poetics constructed from narrative and phenomenological image codes


Danilo Santos de Miranda | 10th Festival

The director of SESC discusses the importance of Videobrasil Festival in consolidating the notions of innovation, technology, creativity, and in particular dialogue and interchange between Southern countries


Breda Beban e Hrvoje Horvatic | 10th Festival

Guests to the 10th edition, in 1994, the Yugoslavian artists couple discusses the value of experience in conceiving a work of art, as opposed to the notion of inspiration


Event’s coverage on TV Cultura | 10th Festival

The 1994 Festival coverage presents the competitive show figures: 239 video submissions, 27 shortlisted, and the winners were Janaúba, Diástole, Tereza, and Captain Cardozo

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Poscatidevenum, by Eder Santos | 10th Festival

Video, music and performance come together in a large multimedia installation designed by Eder Santos, Paulo Santos and the group Uakti, presented in 1992


No Sleep and a dead Bird, by Stephen Vitiello | 10th Festival

In Stephen Vitiello’s 1994 performance, live footage is combined with spoken texts and a soundtrack based on guitar loops and bird calls