Pincélulas, by Eder Santos, Paulo dos Santos and Sandra Penna | 12th Festival

Recording of performance by Eder Santos, Paulo dos Santos and Sandra Penna featured in the 12th Videobrasil Festival


Kiko Goifman e Jurandir Muller | 12nd Festival

The directors of Palio TV discuss the conception of Urbe, a piece shown at the Festival of 1998 and portraying the urban surroundings of São Paulo’s Paulista Avenue. The piece was inspired by a book by architect Marta Bogea


David Larcher | 12nd Festival

“Video is dead,” in the words of David Larcher. To the German artist, who was a guest at the 12th edition, in 1998, video has been depleted, not as a medium, but as a concept


Interview with Lucila Meirelles on Canal 21 | 12nd Festival

The winner of the Canal 21 – Sony Prize at the 12th edition, Lucila Meirelles discusses works shown in past editions, such as Sinfonia Panamerica and Crianças Autistas

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O Gabinete de Chico, by Chelpa Ferro | 12nd Festival

This performance, presented in 1998, combines electronic image projections edited on the fly and a musical performance involving conventional instruments and noisy objects, like an orange squeezer and door bells


Bestiário masculino feminino, by Waly Salomão | 12nd Festival

In 1998, the audience is invited to enter the venue wearing animal masks, as Waly Salomão recites poems to the sound of electronic music, black women dancing, and hens clucking


A night with Mike, by Michael Smith | 12nd Festival

This performance by Michael Smith is a tragicomic, humorous depiction of the character Mike, a sort of alter ego of the artist; a common man who "believes everything and understands nothing"