Event’s coverage on TV Cultura | 09th Festival

The coverage featured the highlights of the 1992 Festival’s closing day, including the debate “10 questions for 100 Brazilians,” focusing on Brazilian TV; Roberto Muylaert was one of the participants

in review

November 14, 1990 | 8th Festival

On its final day, Videojornal collected statements from artists and curators on the South-North relationship, including the Dutch Tom van Vliet, then director of the World Wide Video Festival

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November 10, 1990 | 8th Festival

On the 2nd day of its 1990 series, the Videojornal program featured a statement from Walter Avancini about the North-South relationship, the section "o que é vídeo?" (what is video?) and the competitive show favorites

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30 YEARS: Marcelo Machado | 18th Festival

The director Marcelo Machado recounts the beginnings of production company Olhar Eletrônico, whose pioneering work in the 1980s gave voice to common citizens, something then unheard of in Brazilian TV news programs


Free Antenna (1st day) | 3rd Festival

First meeting in the series discusses the creation of a free antenna in São Paulo (audio ceded by MIS-SP Collection)

public programs

September 30, 1989 | 7th Festival

On the 5th day of the Festival, Videojornal let the audience voice their impressions of the shows, and interviewed national and international producers like Roberto Berliner and Rod Stoneman (Channel 4)

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September 29, 1989 | 7th Festival

The 4th day of Videojornal focused on side events, featuring footage of the video installations and the French show highlights, Marcelo Machado introduced the international guests at the Meeting

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