Poesia é risco, by Augusto de Campo, Cid Campos and Walter Silveira | 11th Festival

Created in 1996, the "verbivocovisual event", as described by the authors, mixed poetry, electronic music, singing, and video footage


30 YEARS: Walter Silveira | 18th Festival

Walter Silveira, one of the founders of TVDO, a pioneering video company in Brazil, reveals how he conceived the piece VT Preparado, inspired by John Cage and Augusto de Campos. The piece won a prize at the 4th Festival


September 28, 1989 | 7th Festival

On the 3rd day of the Festival, Videojornal featured a Meeting of national and international producers. Guel Arraes and Marcos Amazonas gave their impressions about independent productions in general

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Discussion Panel: "Legislation" | 1st Festival

Second debate of the 1983 Festival, focusing on video legislation in Brazil (audio ceded by MIS-SP Collection)

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Festival’s 1st edition discussed by artists and producers

A meeting with the Festival’s organizers and artists, recorded at the MIS-SP studios in 1983, presents an overview and the perspectives for the subsequent edition (audio ceded by MIS-SP Collection)

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August 8, 1988 | 6th Festival

On its 5th day, Videojornal featured statements from “video curious” people, including the actress Giulia Gam. Highlighting an interview with the artist Tadeu Jungle, winner of the 6th Festival

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August 07, 1988 | 6th Festival

Video makers and "video maniacs" were the highlights in the 5th day of the program. The seccion "Recordar é viver" (to reminisce is to live) featured a statement from the awarded artist Pedro Vieira

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