Teresa Margolles | 21st Biennial

The artist talks about her work Tela Bordada, exhibited in the 21st Contemporary Art Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil


No le digas a mi mano derecha lo que hace la izquierda | Performances Imagined Communities | 21st Biennial

The performance consists of the recorded erasure of a mural featuring elements of Afro-descendant culture drawn by the artist on a large blackboard.


Tela bordada | Performances Imagined Communities | 21st Biennial

A group of women use colored thread to embroider a piece of cloth of the kind used in morgues. As they work, the women tell their own personal stories. 


The Last Harvest | Performances Imagined Communities | 21st Biennial

Referring to photographs taken by Marc Ferrez in 1882, the action alludes to the tensions between the enslaved, desperate for freedom, and the enslaver, who endeavors to withhold it. 


Pan-African Contemporary Art Exhibition (2005)

Documentary directed by Edu Abad for MOPAAC - Pan-African Contemporary Art Exhibition, which took place at MAM in Bahia in 2005, curated by Solange Farkas.

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Diego Matos on "Into thin air into the ground" (2013), by Haig Aivazian

The researcher and independent curator analyzes the video by Haig Aivazian

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Rosely Nakagawa Matuck on "Myxomatosis" (2008), by Solon Ribeiro

The curator analyzes the video by Solon Ribeiro

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Nicolas Soares on "Insight" (2012) by Sebastián Díaz Morales

The artist and curator analyzes the video by Sebastián Díaz Morales

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Eduardo de Jesus on "Parallel" (2017) by Jiwon Choi

The professor and curator analyzes the work of the Korean artist

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Alejandra Muñoz on "1978 - Cidade Submersa" (2010), by Caetano Dias

Alejandra Muñoz, architect, curator and art critic, comments on the work 1978 - Cidade Submersa (2010), by Caetano Dias.

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