Program shown on the third day of the Festival | August 06, 1988

Director general: Hugo Prata; Text editing: Gabriel Priolli; Presenter: Astrid Fontenelle; Production and camera: Geraldo Anhaia Mello

For the first time, the Festival received full coverage with Videojornal, a daily e-magazine. Coverage of the 6th Festival’s third day featured the “diz que diz” section, with audience impressions, and the debut of the “quem não chora não mama” segment, featuring statements from artists. The retrospective of past editions featured the award-winning Video noir, and an interview with the authors. The international show highlight was a talk with Daniel Minahan. From the competitive show, Videojornal highlighted Gente da nossa terra, by Marcia Moreira. The pioneering program was produced in a mini studio with Super VHS equipment that fed images to a closed-circuit TV system comprising 60 monitors. The program was shown on a daily basis to the audience at the Festival and rebroadcasted by TV Gazeta.