Second debate session of the 2nd Festival, at MIS-SP | August 24, 1984

Mediator: Gabriel Priolli | Debaters: Goulart de Andrade (Rede Record), Fernando Barbosa Lima (Intervideo), Jorge da Cunha Lima (Secretary for Culture), Carlos Alberto Oliveira (Artevideo), Rubens Furtado (TV Manchete), Fernando Meirelles (Olhar Eletrônico)

The second discussion panel addressed the relationship between television and video in Brazil, focusing on independent productions and the space allotted to them in both state-owned and commercial channels. Generally speaking, according to Priolli, independent productions are those not made directly by the channel itself, and emerged in the 1950s. To Goulart, independent productions which make it into television “oxygenate the future;” in that period, there was allegedly no dearth of talents; the problem resided in access to equipment.