Program shown on the 1st day of the Festival | September 26, 1989

Director general: Pedro Viera; Producer Marcia Volpato; Presenter: Hugo Prata; Reporter: Madalena Spacassassi

On the 1st day of the Festival, Videojornal featured the competitive show figures: 161 videos from across Brazil, including documentaries, musicals, fiction pieces, and video art pieces, by 41 competitors. This edition marked the beginning of internationalization, featuring French and British guests. The side program also featured a screening of hors concours videos, The Meetings discussed issues such as distribution, and a workshop with the British producer John Wyver explored the potential for exchange between television and video art. The “recordar é viver” segment (to reminisce is to live) featured a few winning videos from past editions, such as Marly NormalCaderneta de CampoEletricidadeVideo NoirAmigo ursoHia Sá Sá Hai YahVT Preparado AC/JCHeróis da decadência, Temporada de Caça.