Interview with Solange Farkas on the Paulista 900 show | 1988

Farkas recounts the early days of the Festival, an initiative of the visionaries Marcos Gaiarsa, then the marketing director for Fotoptica, and Thomaz Farkas. From the 1st to the 6th edition, the number of submissions for the competitive show saw a more-than-twofold increase; nonetheless, production still originated largely from the state of São Paulo. In this 6th edition, the Festival paid attention to output by video professionals rather than solely to amateur productions, regardless of the format used (U-matic or VHS). Farkas also commented on the Festival’s parallel program, featuring the international guests Aysha Quinn and Daniel Minahan and the groundbreaking Video News project. The interview was interspersed with excerpts from the pieces Drop out, by Chico Denis & Fernando Mantelli, and Nomads, by Aysha Quinn. The Paulista 900 show was produced by TV MIX and aired by TV Gazeta.