Interview with Arlindo Machado on the Paulista 900 show | 1988

On occasion of the release of the book A Arte do vídeo, at the 6th Festival, writer Arlindo Machado granted an interview to the show. According to the critic, video has the quality of capturing real time. Video is a medium that presupposes a productive exchange between producers, both those who create closed-circuit work that is more closely related to video art and those who produce for TV; at the same time, there are television productions that incorporate achievements of independent production. According to him, 1965 was a revolutionary year for video, with the invention of the portapak, which enabled the new medium to be easily transported. Machado also commented on the relationship between video and cinema, more specifically the fact that the new medium broadened the political concept of cinema. The Paulista 900 show was produced by TV MIX and broadcasted by Gazeta.