Program shown on the first day of the Festival | November 9, 1990

Directed by: Marina Abs and Roberto Berliner | Produced by: JVC / Tecnovideo

In the 8th Festival edition, the Videojornal program polled visitors at the Festival about their favorite competitive show pieces. The highlights were Videocabines são caixas pretas, by Sandra Kogut, O Pacote da Cruzélia, by Cláudio Barroso and Nilton Pereira of TV Viva, and Um Vídeo da lata, by Daniel Brazil. The segment focusing on the relationship between independent productions and television featured a statement from Fernando Barbosa Lima, according to whom this type of production was spearheaded by the program Repórter Esso, on TV Tupi. The section “o que é vídeo?” (what is video?)  collected impressions from audience members on the streets and at the Festival, including the journalist Mauricio Kubrusly and the artist Luiz Monforte. Regarding South-North exchange, Videojornal interviewed the critic Arlindo Machado (jury member for the edition), who discussed issues relating to publicizing and distributing video productions throughout the Southern Hemisphere.