In 1990, Fausto Fawcett writes Santa Clara Poltergeist; the piece was initially conceived alongside Marcelo Dantas as a music video for MTV, but ultimately resulted in this show, presented at the 9th edition of the Festival, in 1992. Verinha Blumenau: a call girl from the state of Santa Catarina, was a huge success in southern Brazil. After a few symbolical-mystical-sexual experiences, she winds up in Copacabana, transubstantiated into Santa Clara Poltergeist. Amidst fridges, ladders, big screens, altars and other materials recycled by Luís Zerbini and Jorge Barrão, Regina Soares, aka Clara Verinha Santa de Blumenau Poltergeist, performs her miracles dressed in costumes designed by Mari Stokler and Tereza Tillett. The music is by Fausto e os Robôs Efêmeros (Carlos Laufer and Marcelo de Alexandre); the video is by Sérgio Meckler, Felipe Sá and Karen Harley; the performance includes a special guest appearance by Dado Villa Lobos.