The performance Video Opera for Paik integrated the program "Awating the 22nd Century: A Virtual Presence in Videobrasil 96" as a tribute to video art torchbearer Nam June Paik. Conducted by Steina Vasulka and Stephen Vitiello, the piece is an adaptation, created especially for Videobrasil, of Vasulka's Violin Power performance, in which a volin controls the image projections made by a laser display. At the same time, Vitiello recreates the structure of a piece by Paik, merging his own musical performance with satellite broadcasts of footage from other presentations by the pioneer. Both Vasuka and Vitiello have had close contact with the master's oeuvre, and they share his intimacy and replicate his artistic ideals. Vasulka was also the co-founder of The Kitchen, an electronic theater that was a landmark of 1970s New York.