The directors of Palio TV discuss the conception of Urbe, a piece shown in a single-channel version during the 1998 competitive show. Urbe portrays the urban surroundings of São Paulo’s Paulista Avenue and speaks of memory and the boundary between real and virtual. The piece was inspired by the book Via de Mão Dupla (Two-Way Street), by the architect Marta Borgea. Also, the artist Kiko Goifman comments on the CD-Rom production Valetes em slow motion, featured in the same Festival. The piece is the outcome of the artist’s research on prisons, underway since 1992. Goifman collected various archival materials, including a rare film shot in the Carandiru prison in the 1920s. He discusses his decision to create the piece in CD-Rom medium, a then-recent technology that was doomed to be defunct soon, according to him.