In the 1980s “people were making video at a time when video did not occupy such a noble place,” Sandra Kogut recalls. The artist has participated in several editions of the Festival, and in 1989 she won a residency at the Centre International de Création Vidéo, in Montbéliard. Parabolic People was the outcome of her French experience, in 1990, as the artist delved into experimentation with new equipment, places, and interpersonal relationships. One of her challenges was to produce images whose key information lay at the outer edges. In her video productions, Kogut has always tackled the issue of self-representation – how people want to portray themselves, how they think others view them publicly, and how they play the role of this persona. According to her, in the 1980s, this type of experimentation was only taking place at Videobrasil, and in this sense the Festival represented a sort of “birth certificate”.