Created especially for the Festival’s 18th edition, which marked the event’s 30th anniversary, the Videobrasil on TV series aired exclusively on Sesc TV. The first few programs cover the changes undergone by Videobrasil and the art scene over the past thirty years. Statements intersperse with historic images and artwork excerpts, documenting the past and prompting reflection on the aesthetical modifications of video and its gradual inclusion into the arts system. The last three programs are dedicated to the 18th Festival’s Southern Panoramas competitive show. They feature curators and artists, including the winners, discussing themes, aesthetic issues and aspects of contemporary art production from the geopolitical South, and situating video within that context. 

How does the intense mediatization of daily life affect the formalization of artwork? The program features artists whose strategy consists of appropriating and re-signifying media elements, rethinking our subjectivation processes through dialogue with mass communication and social networks.