The artist, whose work has featured in the 8th and 14th editions of the Festival, discusses his first appereance at the event. He comments on his Hidden Cities video, shortlisted for the Southern Panoramas competitive show. The piece is inspired by writer Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities, with references to the film La Jetée by French filmmaker Chris Marker. The theme is a recurring one in work by the artist, who has always lived in big cities (like Budapest, Berlin and New York) and always used them as raw material, with an interest in how their rules and protocols force their inhabitants to live a certain way. He notes the population’s distrust in public spaces in the city of São Paulo, as seen in the grids, fences and walls that separate houses from the streets. He expresses surprise over the lack of pedestrians on the sidewalks, and the irrational use of automobiles, and shows interest in the vast diversity of peoples and cultures sharing the space. He also discusses the failure of the project to democratize politics and culture via audiovisual media, and how creative processes take place.