With two paintings shortlisted for the 18th Festival, the São Paulo-based artist discusses his second appearance in the event. He sees the beach, where his paintings are set, not only as a source of entertainment and rest, but also as a place of melancholy, contemplation, and fruition through sight. Thus, he is not interested in the idyllic landscape, but rather in the landscape which has undergone human interference, in an investigation of form as it is built by men. According to Bivar, the themes in his works are always taken from very close experiences, from his own life, such as his childhood in the coastal city of Ubatuba. He talks about his relationship with photography, which is a part of his creative process, but which he does not yet see as an end product to be exhibited. He also tells of his interest in confronting painting, with all the weight of its tradition, with the more recent media featured in the Festival.