Architect Anna Ferrari, the granddaughter of León Ferrari and one of the people in charge of FALFAA (Fundación Augusto y León Ferrari Arte y Acervo), discusses her grandfather’s works, especially Casa Blanca (2005), featured in the Unerasable Memories – a historic look at the Videobrasil Collection (2014) exhibition. In addition to reminiscing on her childhood at León’s studio, Anna comments on the artist’s belligerent discourse and denunciation of political and religious hegemonies, sustained throughout his career and evident in Casa Blanca. The piece shows a mockup of the White House, the symbol of United States power, being encroached – or maybe inhabited? – by earthworms. Anna stresses that even though he addresses poignant issues, León recurrently employs humor in his work. In this statement, Anna says it was Ricardo Pons, the piece’s co-author, who had the initiative of recording León’s action in video. In her opinion, the piece converses with other artworks featured in the exhibit that deal with the implications of imperialism and colonization. The video was first shown by Associação Cultural Videobrasil during the 17th Festival (2007).