Recording of the action enacted in Sesc Pompeia’s Convivência area during the 19th Festival opening week in October 2015. By connecting a sewing machine to a computer, the artists translate digital data from Greece’s National Employment Service into traditional Greek patterns, creating wefts and motifs. By reading the information stored in the digital codes and selecting the patterns that will dictate the fabrics, the machine leaves up to the operator only the repetitive, grueling task of selecting which of the two color yarns to use. The Greek financial crisis, which erupted in 2010, is the unifying thread of the piece, which articulates elements that allude to the Industrial Revolution (the knitting machine) and the information age [the computer] to build a metaphor for the world of contemporary labor, where economic and technological vectors intertwine, besides referencing Greek tradition and culture. The action was part of the 19th Festival’s Southern Panoramas | Selected Works show.