For this edition of the Festival, a Parallel Exhibition was also conceived whose scope relates to that of Southern Panoramas. Curated by Associação Cultural Videobrasil’s archive and research coordinator Diego Matos, the show “Those born for adventure don’t stray from the path” explores the Institution’s legacy through its collection. Retrieving 16 pieces from the collection, spanning a long time frame, updating their urgencies and connecting them with the current political and cultural scenario, the curating weaves a wide-arching narrative segmented into three possible lines of force: Affections, times and travels; Democracy, Document and Fiction; and Speech, Hearing and Dissent. The generous exhibition set design by architect Cláudia Afonso represents the curation’s goal by specializing the structure that was mentioned. Held at Paço das Artes, the show is also the result of a history built in partnership by the two institutions respectively represented by directors Solange Farkas and Priscila Arantes. The video documents this collective of artists, featuring statements from both directors and from the show’s curator.