On occasion of the Lebanese artist Akram Zaatari’s first-ever solo show in Brazil, Channel VB presents a video that looks back on pivotal moments from the collaboration between the artist and Videobrasil, which dates back exactly twenty years. Footage from the 2004 Videobrasil Authors Collection film Akram Zaatari - A glimpse of one man’s vision (directed by Alex Gabassi) is interspersed with excerpts from the artist’s 2003 TV interview during a trip to Salvador, Bahia, as Zaatari comments on the importance of language in his work, and on the capturing of images as a way of facilitating communication among people. Parts of the artworks featured in Tomorrow everything will be alright are also shown in the video, including the previously unseen Dance to the End of Love (2011), Another Resolution (2008/2013), and Beirut Exploded Views (2014), and three Videobrasil Collection pieces previously exhibited in São Paulo, in different editions of the Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil and in special showings. The video also features a statement given by the artist during the 18th Videobrasil Festival, as he discusses his first experience working with actors, in The End of Time, which he did again in Beirut Exploded Views, and ending with a discussion of his relationship with Videobrasil.