#VOTELGBT (Brazil, 2014) is a project of collective actions that address the rights of the LGBT population, covering its complexity in an intersectional, plural and diverse way. The artworks are proposed as artistic, pedagogical and political devices conceived as possibilities for dialogue and related to an expanded perception of art. The project is especially dedicated to debating the political representativeness of historically undervalued bodies, starting out from a conception of politics as a symbolic space of struggle. #VoteLGBT has developed a wide range of actions such as political profile surveys of LGBT people, legislative implications, promotion of visibility for LGBT and pro-LGBT candidates and awareness campaigns.

The work VOÇOROCA (2019)is a series of actions, classes and interventions in different spaces of Sesc 24 de Maio that are part of the group’s proposition. The planned activities include the game “Torre do Patriarcado” [Tower of the Patriarchy], Baile das Gayrotas [Gaygirls’ Ball], continuous screening of videos on gender diversity and legal advice for trans people and transvestites. Two print runs of one thousand wheatpaste posters were made for distribution and layout of the space, featuring information gathered during the project research.