ERIN COATES (Austrália, 1977) is a visual artist with a bachelor’s degree from Curtin University (Australia) and a master’s degree from the University of British Columbia (Canada). Drawing on research that explores the relationships between body and space, she works with video, sculpture, design, installation and a blend of those mediums. Her major exhibitions include individual shows at the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan (2018), and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Australia (2014).

In the video DRIVING TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH (2016), the artist and her dog take a long road trip. At the wheel, she munches sausages and vegetables, waters the plants in the backseat, texts on the cell phone and occasionally fondles the mutt, which, sitting in the passenger seat, observes with interest the human being’s rituals of survival and entertainment. Both seem to ignore the succession of catastrophic events played out in rear projection through the car windows. With two static cameras alternating between front and back views of the two characters and effects that make munching and itching sound as loud as the fires and meteors outside, the video shows us this fictional and comical journey to an unpredictable end of the world.