What is there between landscape and time? What brings together these two elements that can confer singularity on the contemporary daily experience? These questions, which generate multiple answers, are present in the works of Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain, which we present in this first Dossier.

The work of these two artists establishes itself as if it was in a fold that, in its successive movements, brings together perceptions of the real space as well as its multiple virtualisations made possible by technologies, experimentation on supports and languages, and subversions of the notions and perceptions of time.

In each movement of this fold distant points come closer, generating creative new processes displayed in works that mix together elements like music, image, typography, schematic representations typical of the graphic design in the most varied supports. In spite of the movement and the successive folds and refolds, the works contemplate a virtualisation of the real space and, therefore, the instauration of other temporality regimes, at times more extended as in Rio de Janeiro’s landscape, at times compressed as in the five times of the ladder’s ten steps.

Displaying the work of these artists in this Associação Cultural Videobrasil’s new vehicle for artistic diffusion is a way to give place for the reflection on the current artistic productions, especially the ones that try to bring together artistic production and daily experience by the almost subversive appropriation of means and supports, and that, therefore, reveal essential questions that help us to have a better understanding of the current reality.

Further info on this artist available at the collection