The works of Buenos Aires-born artist, curator, and cultural agitator Graciela Taquini stand out in a lifetime full of academic and curatorial achievements in Argentine electronic art. The issue of memory and the author's on-screen appearance are recurrent from her early work, which brings 1980s video art to mind, to her more recent material, which gives meaning to the expression “auteur documentary.” An instance of the latter category is the work that captivated both jury and audience at the 15th Videobrasil, sharing with Cao Guimarães Concerto para clorofila the State of the Art Award: Lo Sublime/Banal, a sequence shot in a Buenos Aires kitchen, as Graciela and a friend reminisce about the day they both met Argentine writer Julio Cortázar, in Paris. 

This edition of FF>>Dossier ends the series which, over the past six months, portrayed the artists awarded at the Festival's 15th edition. A new cycle begins in August. Curated by Eduardo de Jesus, a member of the Videobrasil Selection and Programming Committee and responsible for the first thirteen editions of FF>>Dossier, the Outros espaços series uses works exhibited in the 15th Videobrasil as points of departure in a search for confrontations between electronic image and real space, its modes of representation, and its multiple possibilities of interference.

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