The conceptual power of visual arts and a cinematographic way of seeing things converge in the work of Cao Guimarães, known for its impact and singularity both in the world of art and cinema. Featured several times at the Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival, the artist received two awards at the Festival's 15th edition, in 2005. The delicate Concerto para clorofila earned him the State of the Art Award, granted by the official jury, as well as the Videobrasil Residency Award Hosted by Gasworks, granted by the Festival. The Gasworks award will take him back to London, where he specialized in photography during the 1990s, for a residency in the institute's studios towards the end of 2006.

The path of Guimarães in image creation is the theme of this edition of FF>>Dossier, the next to the last in a series dedicated to the producers awarded at the 15th Videobrasil. This Dossier features excerpts from works that attest to the silent approach typical of his investigations on sceneries and human characters, as well as to the eloquent delicacy of his audiovisual poems. Independent curator Marcos Moraes wrote the Essay on the work of the artist from Minas Gerais.

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