Difficult to define, easy to recognize, the new is the declared quest of Argentine artist Federico Lamas, who won the Contemporary Investigations Award at the 15th Videobrasil with the Roger video. Featured in the 16th FF>>Dossier, the second in a series dedicated to artists awarded by the Festival, this young producer, designer, and VJ extends his vision-and his determination to “doubt the technique”-through fields as diverse as his construction of narratives and his direction of the actors, the music, and the art direction. With Roger, Lamas creates a delicate, impacting hybrid of cinema and visual art. Or, in the words of art critic Tom Morton, of the Frieze magazine, the author of the essay on Lamas that we publish here, “the perfect balance between humor, weirdness, and broken love.” 

Roger is the synthesis of a production that flirts with pop/electronic, cinema, and theater, building skillful, unusual narratives with particular visual and technical solutions. From the fake 3D images that put a dreamful twist to the Hawaii music video, of the band Mataplantas, to the subtitles on the sequence shot Hey! (Despierto/dormido) that are reminiscent of label makers. “It is important to create this excitement we feel when we see something new, when we are taken by surprise,” says Lamas in the Interview. “That alone guarantees the faithfulness of the viewer, let's put it that way; the viewer, on the other hand, will put in his time, only to see where i will lead.”

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