Bibliographical references Eduardo de Jesus, 2004

Some links

We display in this section some links to websites related to Lia Chaia's work.

Galeria Vermelho - The gallery's website, which represents the artist, bring more texts and information on her work.

Experiências do Corpo (Body Experiments) - The website of the exhibition that took place at the Instituto Tomie Ohtake with a text on Chaia's work.

Sítio - Website of the Sítio project which aims to encourage and spread the new works of young artists and art critics. This project is promoted by Base 7 escritório de projetos culturais (Base 7 cultural projects office). Lia Chaia participated in this project with the installation “Vereda” [Swampy Vegetation] (2004).

Com que corpo eu vou? (What body should I wear?) - Website of the Art department of the University of The City of São Paulo - UNICID. Lia Chaia participated in the exhibition Com que corpo eu vou? with the work Corpo-desenho [Drawing-Body] (2002). The website has a text on the exhibition and photos of the works.

Ordenação e Vertigem (Ordinance and Vertigo) - Website with information on the exhibition curated by Agnaldo Farias, which took place at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, in São Paulo. The exhibition related the works of Arthur Bispo do Rosário to the works of contemporary artists, including Lia Chaia.