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  • Fotoptica
  • Museu da Imagem e do Som (São Paulo)
  • Secretaria de Estado da Cultura de São Paulo

The Festival expanded and established itself in Brazil, gradually approaching electronic art centers in several countries. Interchange became increasingly frequent, and the Festival began to fulfill its international vocation: the seventh edition featured guest participants from some of the world’s leading film production and diffusion institutions: Pierre Bongiovanni, from the Centre International de Création Vidéo de Montbéliard (France), Sandra Lischi, from Ondavideo Festival (Italy), Rod Stoneman, from Channel 4 (England), John Wiver, from the English film company Illuminations, Tom Van Vliet, curator and director of the Dutch World Wide Video Festival, and Jean-Paul Treffois, from Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française (RTBF). Two international awards were presented, one by Centre International de Création Vidéo de Montbéliard, and the other by RTBF. Held at Museu da Imagem e do Som - MIS, the Festival also asserted itself as a hub for communication between video distributors, broadcasting companies, and TV stations.

Visual identity and graphic design | Kiko Farkas and Paulo Labriola


competitive show

Competitive Show | 7th Festival

The Competitive Show featured 41 artworks by 57 Brazilian artists, selected from among 160 submissions. The artworks have been arranged into the video art, musical, documentary and fiction categories, and into the VHS and U-Matic formats.

film and/or video screenings

English Show

The Show featured British video art productions from the second half of the 1980s, selected by the curators Paula Dip and Gill Henderson (The British Council).

French Show

Curated by Jean-Marie Duhard, the French Show featured videos by Ex-Nihilo, a video production center established in France in 1984. 

Hors-Concours Video

The Hors Concours Video Show featured four documentaries by major Brazilian artists. The videos share a common feature: they were all shot abroad.

Secretaria de Estado da Cultura Incentive Prize

Created in 1985 by the State Secretariat for Culture, the Stimulus Prize was designed to sponsor the production of ten independent videos per year. The 7th Videobrasil featured nine winning works selected by the Radio and TV Commission of the State Secretariat for Culture.


"Adote um Satélite", Marcelo Masagão

Marcelo Masagão’s video installation is at once a tribute and a satire of television: a mix of installation, happening and sculpture exhibit.

"O Caminho das Vertigens", Sandra Kogut

A video installation by Sandra Kogut, comprising five monitors arranged inside a platform for the spectator to walk over – the images shown are aerial takes of the city.

"Oremos", Eder Santos

Comprising eight monitors and three big screens, Eder Santos’ Oremos video installation was intended to create an electronic church. The sidewalls of the church’s nave were composed of four columns, with monitors attached to them, representing the stages in the Passion of Christ.

public programs

Meeting: "TV e Vídeo no Brasil - Uma Abordagem Sintética"

The debate featured producers, organizers and directors of video festivals in Brazil and abroad. It focused on the distribution of video production in Brazil and overseas.


"A Workshop about Television and Videoart", with John Wyver

Workshop delivered by John Wyver, writer, producer and founder of British independent production Illuminations, which focuses on the reciprocation between video art and television.



One of the Festival’s main attractions, Videojornal documented the event on a daily basis. The program allowed the audience to keep track of and participate in everything that happened in the six days of the Festival.