For the tapes in contest exhibition of the 1st Videobrasil Festival, 36 videos in VHS and U-Matic gauges were shortlisted. The award categories – documentary, fiction, musical and free – were eliminated, due to the disparity of numbers among each of the categories. The award was divided into the two gauges, considering the markedly different languages and techniques employed in each of these gauges.

The 36 shortlisted videos represented the production of young directors, videomakers and filmmakers involved in the exploration of the new videographic poetics, and its potential dialogue with television. A large portion of them reveal experimental productions, frequently resorting to documental language, and addressing subjects such as politics, activism, and daily life.

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Jury statement

By decision of the Preliminary Jury of the I Video Brazil Festival, there will be no division into Documentary/Fiction/Musical/Free categories, due to the discrepancy in number of submissions between each of them.

Separate awards have been created for U-Matic and VHS, considering the markedly different languages and techniques employed in each of these gauges.

Prizes will be awarded to 5 U-Matic tapes and 5 VHS tapes, plus 3 special prizes:  

- The best tape in the I Video Brazil Festival, including both gauges, will receive:

Color Video Camera Sharp QC-70

Odyssey/Philips video game console

Video and TV Synthesis Stereo Sound Procession - V 1 model - Micrologic

- Sales - manufacturing company MAC, Industria Nacional de Fitas VT, will offer a special prize to the piece best suited for distribution by the Fotoptica store chain and stores specializing in prerecorded tapes. The winner will be selected by the jury of the I Video Brazil Festival, based on production quality and finishing criteria, in keeping with the commercial distribution market. The author of the winning work will retain the copyrights to the piece, as per an agreement to be entered into with MAC.

- Participation in the Munich Festival, due in the first half of 1984.