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After examining and reviewing the video tapes submitted for the Competitive show, the 4th Videobrasil jury, composed of Cândido José Mendes de Almeida, Décio Pignatari, Marcos Gaiarsa, Sílvio Back, Tetê Vasconcelos and Walter George Durst, has ruled that:

1st – the small number of VHS submissions made it hard to pick a grand prize winner for this film gauge. Thus, the jury has chosen to transfer the VHS Grand Prize to the U Matic gauge.

2nd – upon examining the U Matic videos submitted, a strong tendency towards polarization between documental and experimental became clear to the jury. The jury believes that not only do the final results mirror this reality, but they reflect a trend in Brazilian production as a whole. The jury believes these two video production genres deeply identify with the medium’s vocation and nature, and are two rich, fertile creative lines when it comes to cementing the personality of said medium.