The British exhibition, held in partnership with the British Council, featured recent video productions selected by London Video Art, an organization that distributes work by independent artists. The show was divided into three programs: 

“Performances” – featuring: Red Raw Steel Drum, by Fast Forward and Yves Mustard (1985); Passion Ration (1984) by Zoe Redman and Kate Meywell; and Man Act (1985) by Man Act.

“Deconstructions” – divided into two programs that challenge the beliefs and conventions that govern how the world we live in is represented on television and in cinema. The programs share the same rationale, and both build on an important piece of work from the recent Modernist Period, during which the material aspects of video technology became self-reflexive contents of video tape itself. The next program focuses on Postmodernist pieces from the early 1980s that address the challenge of representation and narrative, in an attempt to "shake up" the fictions that form our reality, employing a different form of fiction to this end. The programs close with the work of a young generation of artists, including a scratch video selection.

“Video postcards” – short samples of various aspects of video art, including scratch videos, text-based pieces, folk humor-based videos and works containing harsh political commentary.