The meeting with the APTI (Associação Paulista de Teleprodutores Independentes – São Paulo Independent Television Producers Association), the first organization to represent this class in Brazil, originated from the debates during the 3rd Videobrasil about the establishment of a Free Antenna in São Paulo. At the 4th Videobrasil, a debate was hosted by the APTI and the Festival’s management to discuss the interests of independent video producers.

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Statement Alberto Baumstein

The São Paulo Independent Television Producers Association, the first organization representing this class in Brazil, was birthed by VIDEOBRASIL, as its chairman Alberto Baumstein explains in the text that follows. Therefore, it is only natural that the IV Videobrasil debate agenda – which concerns the class entirely – should be organized by the APTI itself, alongside the Festival’s management.

Sérgio Cardoso Theater, 1985. Once again, independent producers, communications students, curious people, art lovers and many others convened for another Videobrasil. Only this time a subject came up that caused discussions to linger a bit longer: the establishment of a Free TV Antenna in São Paulo.

The creation of a publicly accessible UHF channel, proposed during the III VIDEOBRASIL program, set the spirits high and caused a few production companies to stay in touch after the Festival ended – something that had never happened before. This prolonged contact led to an obvious recognition: certain problems were common to several independent producers, and they shared many ideas, similar (recent, of course) backgrounds and profiles. The meetings to create a society that would push for a Free Antenna in São Paulo birthed APTI - Associação Paulista dos Teleprodutores Independentes (São Paulo Independent Television Producers Association).

From the evening meetings at the MIS until today, a lot has been done: 26 independent producers in São Paulo (hence the P in the acronym) are fighting for the legal regulation of video in Brazil, for laws to govern the relations between TV channels and independent producers, and for the expansion of the independent production market. The recognition of their struggle came fast. The APTI is already part of the Brazilian Culture Ministry’s film and video regulator the National Film Council. For the first time ever, videomakers have a chance to voice their opinions regarding a set of laws which are being drafted. A legal advisory was established, market research was conducted and support tools have been created. "Through the APTI, independent production leaves behind a rebellious adolescence and enters a responsible youth phase," said a member in an interview on TV. And it was all VIDEOBRASIL’s fault....