Graphic computing is now fully incorporated into our daily urban-televisive routine, to an extent that we don’t even realize we are seeing it when we watch computer-generated vignettes or animations. And because it is a process that is totally compatible with video, graphic computing could not be left out of the 4th Videobrasil.

This is a chance to watch – or rewatch – more attentively these types of productions, made by numerous specialized companies. The 4th Videobrasil features a sample of their works. Some have created vignettes using the Festival logo especially for the occasion. The Videographics exhibition will be open during the entire Festival at the Video Bar, on the MIS’ ground floor.   

The companies featured in the Videographics exhibition are the following: Art Sistemas, Computer Arts, Computer Graphics, Daniel Messias - Cinema de Animação, Fernando Lebbolo, Neo Comunicações, Palette, Pixxel and Vetor Zero.