The Museum of Image and Sound was turned into a humongous black plastic package. At the opening of the Festival, the building was unwrapped during the Anti-Christo performance, in a reference to the Bulgarian artist who wraps up landmarks, bridges and beaches. São Paulo’s Europa Avenue was blocked for over an hour.

Soon after the “discovery” of the MIS, Aguilar incited the audience to engage in a marathon of short performances, which began with the archaeology of the footsteps (cement-filled pieces of trunking in which the artist left his footstep, turning them into a sculpture). Aguilar also used a fire extinguisher to paint a labyrinth of transparent plastic, lighting it with black lights.

The manifestations happened at several different points within the museum and were recorded by Walter Silveira, Tadeu Jungle, Roberto Sandoval and Geraldo Anhaia Mello.