For the National Competitive Show, 50 videos were shortlisted out of 223 submissions from across the country, in VHS and U Matic formats. The event was marked by controversy between television-oriented producers and so-called experimental ones who were more closely connected with the video art and video art scenes. Whereas the latter complained about competing with the former, the so-called commercial producers protested about the Festival’s alleged deviation from its original discussion about television. If, on the one hand, participants in early editions conquered some space in TV channels, then on the other hand artists were becoming increasingly integrated with the video medium, bringing it into their own scene.

Most of the shortlisted tapes were documentaries, amounting to 20 productions; 11 were video art pieces; eight were fictional works; six were music videos; four were news reports; and one was an experimental production.

Selected artists

Selected works


Jury members

Trophy design

The trophy for the 5th edition was designed by Kiko Farkas and made by Manoel G. Mattos.