This video installation, created by Tadeu Jungle with students from culture workshop project Oficinas Culturais Oswald de Andrade, was spawned by modernist artist Andrade’s fascination with speed, and explored the city of São Paulo through fast-paced, fragmented gazes. 



Essay Tadeu Jungle, 1990

“spSPsp 2”

This work came to light as a kinetic totem of the city of São Paulo. A totem of TV sets surrounded by live cabbages. A totem to speed. Conceived within a workshop with ten students, this video-sculpture began with a survey on Oswald de Andrade who, in the beginning of this century, met the italin Marinetti and his futuristic manifest. The fascination of speed. The machine. The automobile. The speed. The city: of São Paulo; Oswald’s city.

spSPsp2 is a monument to speed. It is the city of São Paulo seen by free and quick eyes. It is a pop totem. Multiple electronic images. Multiple cabbages. Equal and equal. Equal and different. Different and Equal. A totem to reproductibility of technology, of nature. A confrontation. An industrial totem which faces and is by the photosynthetic streght of plants. The speed of images. The speed of cabbages growth. A dialogue. Cabbages and TV sets. All images of spSPsp are from the city of São Paulo and were made during July and August 1990. The music was composed by R.J. Jackson and João Brucó. Performed within the Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshops of the State Department of Culture counted on the creation of A. Maciel, C. Alba, F. Grzywacz, G. Citrângulo, M.A. Boaventura, M. Cerqueira and V. Buchioni. Production of I. Leopoldo e Silva. Images of P. Mauro, D. Dall’Acqua and A. Maciel. Initial visual Project by the Tupinãodá Group. Assistant diretor G. Citrângulo. Production and copyright TVDO. Direction Tadeu Jungle.

8th Fotoptica Internacional Video Festival. 09 a 15 de Novembro de 1990. p. 95.