The show was curated by Jorge La Ferla (Argentina), Solange Farkas (Brazil) and Ricardo Casas (Uruguay) and featured independent compilations of work by artists from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.

The Brazilian section of this show became a program in Videobrasil’s collection.



Curator's text Jorge La Ferla, 1994

Since the beginning of video in derection to a different peripheral discursive praxis. The support video was born, since its mythical origins, as a technological use and discursive practice that drove it away from its televisional tourism use to produce a different expressive power. This video effect, which someone considered in its essence produced by the attrittion of the tape in the videoplayer head, amplified the first rereading of the electronic image of a simple traditional narrative sequence.

In the Latin America, the history of the independent video would be signalized by the equipment diversity, by the intensive search of a creation and by the total lack of productive incentives. This situation was transferred to the productions hybridism, in the mix of forms and styles, and in the concretion of the phenomenal or metaphoric effects that would transform the institutional syntagmatic of film and of the television flux.

Concerning to a specifically poetical discourse, one find in the rest if the continent more heterogenic creation, difficult and different from the strong Brazilian tradition of the style, pioneer in the utilization of the word as a new icon, and in its combination with the image and sound. This use as graphic value of the eletronic image was extended to its utilization since the creative ise off up to the unframing. Anyway, this different management in the other Latin American countries coincides in a discourse placed out of the argumentative prose, disjointing the linear narrative heritage. In its expressive diversity, these poetical constructions with the video are born as a new place of audivisual expression that indefectibbly appears, in a market way, a view of the world with special and temporaries strong ties with the region. One way expect, more and more, the emersion of works of rupture that reinagurates similar marks to those created in the literature by Trilce of César Vellejo or Althazor of Vicente Huidobro, rupturing the very essence and the apparatus of the electronic poetical language.

ASSOCIAÇÃO CULTURAL VIDEOBRASIL. "10th Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival": 20th to 25th November 1994, São Paulo, Brazil, 1994.