Nam June Paik’s four video installations are part of the exhibition in his honor, titled À Espera do Século 22: Uma Presença Virtual no Videobrasil 96 (Awaiting the 22nd Century: A Virtual Presence at Videobrasil 96), held at the lounge.

In TV Buddha, from 1974, a sculpture of Buddha in front of the TV is electronically captured by a live camera, as though Buddha were contemplating his own image on TV. For the 11th Videobrasil, Nam June Paik adapted the piece, replacing Buddha with a Preto Velho statue.

TV Fish, from 1979, is composed of ten fish tanks facing ten monitors. The fish in the tank could be seen on the monitors located behind them, giving rise to a collage of fish and aircraft floating amid colorful synthesized images.

TV Garden, from 1974-1978, is composed of thirty monitors with audio. In the piece, television sets are interspersed with plants.

TV Moon, from 1976-1996, was featured in a special version created for the 11th Videobrasil, in color and sound, comprising seven monitors and one video projector. The piece evokes the lunar phases, as the monitors show luminous, circular images that move simultaneously.