Kutlug Ataman's Semiha B. Unplugged presents the amazing account of an opera singer in Turkey

The documentary Kutlug Ataman's Semiha B. Unplugged has caused reactions ranging from surprise to enchantment. Lasting nearly eight hours, and filmed entirely with a hand held camera, this production focuses on the biographical account of the Turkish opera singer Semiha Berksoy. A famous personality in her country, Semiha is also known as a writer and painter and for having her name associated to contradictory events in the past - specially certain love affairs with personalities from Turkey's artistic millieu. At 84 Semiha elaborates an intense monologue through the camera's observant eye, as she relates her stormy and fascinating life in a true autobiographical performance. In the background of this touching account the history of Turkish politics and arts take an epic and imaginary tone which, in many instances, seems to overflow beyond the limits of reality. The documentary is presented in nine distinct episodes which can be seen separately. This documentary, shot in 1997, was exhibited for the first time at the Istambul International Bienal and has already been scheduled as part of other international events in the next couple of years - such as Manifesta 2 in Luxembourg and the Montreal Biennale.

Kutlug Ataman was born in Istambul in 1961. When he was 18 he moved to the United States where he graduated from the Film School at UCLA in 1988. For the last ten years he has been working for the film industry directing works of fiction as well as shooting commercials. He began his filming career writing the screenplay and directing The Serpent's Tale, which has been exhibited at 33 different festivals around the world, receiving awards in various categories - including best director and best screenplay. He is also responsible for a long list of productions on film and video, equally acclaimed and respected by international critics and personalities in the artistic community.