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A collection of works with an authorial view on arquiteture and its implications in the life of a city person. This presentation curated by Michael Mazière, director of LEA - London Electronic Arts, brings together British videoartists and a conceptual theme: the relationship between arquitecture, space and man.

It is a brillant collection of works capable of portraying with precision the influence of arquitecture in our lives, through a very expressive approach which results from the videomakers' autorial and artistic views and their commitment to contemporary languages within the electronic medium.

The curator gave a lecture on his curatorship prior to the exhibition.



Curator's text Michael Mazière, 1998

The Architeture of Memory

This two part programme presents the work of artists who explore subjectivity, memory and identity through forms which are innovative and challenging. Space and our environment are the connecting links between these works which develop a deep and meaningful sense of place through often highly subjective images. George Barber's Answerphone and Nicky Hamlyn's Telly give power to the everyday objects which surround us, revealing their bizarre hold on our consciousness. Tony Hill and George Snow present differing views of the city, with distinctive and unusual results, while John Smith's Blight poetically mourns the destruction of an area of East London as the developers make way for a new motorway. Cordelia Swann's Desert Rose brings together memory and the city in her lyrical and autobiographical ode to the city of Las Vegas. Last but not least, Daniel Reeves beautiful epic Obsessive Becoming is a powerful and moving work which delves into the ghosts of the past, weaving together an autobiographical portrait through images, traces and voices from the past. This truly exceptional work presents a subjective architecture of memory, constructed by the places, spaces and moments which form our lives.

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