Curator's text

A new sensorial experience in a performance by Gisela Domschke and Fabio Itapura.

Video images projected on screens, set decoration, music and sound effects at powerful volume – these are the basic elements that make up the work presented by Gisela Domschke and Fabio Itapura.

This performance develops as a party – “a transgression of that which has been established”. Embodied in its environment, fragments of television programs such as soap operas and newscasts, permeate the background conveying “meanings and references from our universe”. According to the authors “this happening reassembles the code repetition dynamics found in the present technological stage of communications. Visual and sounding abstractions of a language that determine what to think feel and act.”

Gisela Domscke and Fabio Itapura bring together, as partners, the necessary ingredients which multimedia artists are made of. Universal language, codes and concepts, up-to-date technology, interdisciplinarity. Gisela, born in São Paulo in 1965, studied  philosophy at the University of São Paulo and later at the Université de la Sorbonnne and at the Collège Internationale de Philosophie in Paris. At present she lives and works in London where she is continuing on with her studies – PgD/MA Multimedia Communication Design at the Central Saint Martins College – and dedicates herself to digital interactive works and video productions. Since 1992 she has been participating at various exhibitions and events in important European artistic centers, such as London, Amsterdam, Bonn and Paris.

Fabio Itapura, born in 1963, also in São Paulo studied architecture at the University of São Paulo and has been working with the sculpture and set decoration since 1984. Starting in 1994 he began to work on the production of CD-ROMs, web pages and multimedia installations. At the present he also lives and works in London, having participated in exhibitions and events all over Europe, usually jointly with Gisela Domschke.

The performance presented at Videobrasil, specially created for the event, represents the continuity of their work already being produced for some years in Europe. In this performance they make use of various elements allusive to popular culture, such as a fountain of alcoholic spirits, mixed with ingredients from the electronic universe found on Brazilian TV programs. The effect of all this results in a new sensorial experience to the public or, as defined by the authors, “to be inside the music, relaxing and allowing a little ‘authorized´ chaos into their routines. The alcohol and the orgy. The opening to a new experience.”

ASSOCIAÇÃO CULTURAL VIDEOBRASIL, "12º Videobrasil": de 22 de setembro de 1998 a 11 de outubro de 1998, p. 89, São Paulo, SP, 1998.