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The founder of Fournos, a multimedia and art center in Athens, Greece, presents a selection of Greek video artists, demonstrating the country’s prolific output in the genre.



Curator's text Dodo Santorineos, 2001

The invitation for a carte blanche is a chance and at the same time a challenge for the person who accepts it. But most of all, it is an opportunity to explore the network of communication between the habitants of the global village and the creation of a strong structure where all the cultural and political particularities can fit in. Video art as it is evolving from the Greek artists has a short past (15 years), but a strong development, since artworks or artists more and more have moved out of the local context allowing new elements to be included and assimilated. Therefore, video art has been given a more powerful presence in the contemporary art expression.

Fournos, the center we have founded in Greece, is the first place in the country that systematically has brought Greek artists to contact with video art and the international art centers of promotion and production, and we feel happy that after 10 years we are invited to show examples of the work of Greek artists. The works that are presented, except for those of Manthos Santorineos, founder of Fournos, that as an artist has created his own video works but has also promoted and produced works of other artists, are works of artists that have been awarded in the Mediaterra Festival. Vouvoula Skoura has a background in graphic design and cinema. Angela Melitopoulos is a Greek-German artist with works that have been presented in various international festivals and Nikos Giavropoulos is a young promising artist. Also the program includes a video work of Mary Christea who is a visual artist.

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