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A selection of South American films attempt to reveal the power of a new voice to international circuits.
Southern idiosyncrasies and mannerisms

Videobrazil was chosen as a launching pad for the Visions from the South/Miradas Desde El Sur/Olhares do Sul exhibition - a careful selection of Brazilian, Chilean and Argentine authors programmed and scheduled to appear in international events - last June it was shown at the Lincoln Center Film Society in New York. The initiative comes from the Fundação Vitae, in a project conceived by its film and video consultant, Carlos Augusto Calil, and involves the Antorchas, from Argentina, and Andes, from Chile, Foundations. Lampadia Foundation (retainer of the three), in association with the Rockfeller and MacArthur Foundations are the sponsors. Its objective is to offer the authors from these countries internal exchange and the possibilities of showing their work in the videographic universe of the US, Europe and Latin America. The exhibition, the catalog of which is available to the public at VideoBrazil, is 4 hours long and divided in three programs, each of which has eight films. These where chosen by a group of curators from the three countries, while the final selection was left to Herman Noring, from the European Media Art Festival (Germany) and Richard Peña, from the Film Society of Lincoln Center (US)After its première at the festival, Videobrazil Association will be the official distributor.