The communication medium of the 10th International Videobrasil Festival, the Videojournal is made by Emvideo's team, under the direction of Eder Santos. The festival coverage is made in two different and supplementary ways: the interviews with the public, performancers and critics and also the reportings regarding the events scheduled for this festival edition (performances, videoinstallations, video dailys, etc.) are under the mobile reporter responsability, who walks daily throughout the festival spaces in search of news, or beside it, equipped with a microphone with a coupled camera. In order to supplement the coverage, the Videojournal includes a show based on the talk-show format, where special guests and videoartists talk about their works and professional careers to the host Marcelo Tas. A daily schedule informs the public on the next day's events.


Directors: Eder Santos, Marcus Nascimento

Assistant Director: André Amparo

Camera: Bellini Andrade

Edition: Anselmo Lafetá

Production: Marcelo Braga

Production Company: Emvideo