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Only three and a half years after its creation, 660 studentes from 32 Latin American, Caribbean, African and Asian countries had attended San Antonio de los Baños school. In July 1990 gratuated the first 50 students of the regular course.

Since their first day at the school, the students have contact with on hands activities because they live and learn at the same place. This aspect differentiates EICTV from other schools. Along these years, more than 300 exercises were produced, among them eight selected for this exhibition. These are video productions of students attending the first year. Each team's task were performed rotating the six members of the team: it is the "polyvalency", where everybody learns how to do everything. In EICTV, diversity is a constant: origins, experiences and views are different. This feature, rather than being a limitation, became a quality. The school is still a permanent challenge for its founders, students and teachers.