Performance punctuates the history of Videobrasil and its dialogue with the contemporary art world. In addition to presenting never-before-seen actions and re-readings, the panel lists the three distinct moments of performance: the act, the re-editing, and the recording.


Performance: act, re-editing and recording
November 23, 6 p.m. — Sesc Pompeia / Galpão

Coverman (2001), by Alexandre da Cunha, was the first performance presented in Videobrasil's own exhibition space. The change signaled a turning point in the Festival's curated programs, which began engaging in intense dialogue with various languages. In this meeting, the artist will address issues pertaining to the different temporalities of performance.

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About the participants:

Alexandre da Cunha (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1969) Sculptor and performance artist, works with appropriated objects in pieces that converse with multiple references in art history. Participated in the 50th Venice Biennale and in the 30th São Paulo Biennial.

Fernando Oliva (São Paulo, Brazil, 1971) Curator and professor. Defended his master’s dissertation on the relationships between performance and restaging. Member of the curating board for the Southern Panoramas show.