The Videobrasil in Context residency program was created in 2012 to sponsor international artist exchange in connection with the Videobrasil Collection, including the creation of commissioned artworks to be incorporated into the collection.

The program’s principal source of research, reflection and production are the pieces of the Videobrasil Collection, comprising approximately 1303 works in videos, video installations and recorded performances (besides 254 edited recordings and 7 Videobrasil Authors Collection documentaries). The Collection incorporates productions shortlisted for the Southern Panoramas show, held biennially during the Festival via the partnership between SESC São Paulo and Associação Cultural Videobrasil, as well as works donated by artists relevant to the collection’s curating framework.

The first edition of Videobrasil in Context, held in partnership with the Delfina Foundation (London, United Kingdom) and Casa Tomada (São Paulo, Brazil), took place in 2012, when Brazil’s Claudio Bueno and Egypt’s Mahmoud Khaled were selected through an open call. For three months, the winning artists undertook residencies in São Paulo and London. Their creative processes were presented at the London’s Whitechapel Gallery and the artworks commissioned under the project will be shown in São Paulo, in 2015.

Featuring a new format, the second edition of Videobrasil in Context counts on the partnership of the A-I-R Laboratory, in Warsaw (Poland). Brazilian artist Vitor César was selected to work on a project during a residency in Poland, focusing on the connections between the city’s archives and the urban surroundings, while Poland’s Karol Radzizewski will enjoy the opportunity to immerse into the Videobrasil Collection, in Brazil. As the outcome of the experience, each of the artists is to present a brand new video, video installation, performance or publication.